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What is Ujjwala ??

Ujjwala- Matri Shakti Yuge Yuge

A campaign which needs to become a mass movement...

Let us all get together to make our society safer, stronger and humane.

Ujjwala is a humble effort by Punah Sanskar Foundation and IdeatvNews to create awareness on increasing rape cases and the humiliation suffered by the rape victims. We not just wish to bring back the rape victims into mainstream society from isolation and oblivion but also to educate our boys and men and create a change in their mindset and attitude. For this we have created an awareness song which shall become the anthem for Ujjwala campaign-

Tu Hi Ujjwala
We have envisioned powerful and influential women and men to lip sync this anthem to inspire these young and old innocent victims. These men and women can be from any field- politics, bureaucracy, business, academics, film industry, arts and culture or media or anyone who is an accomplished performer in any profession.

Punah Samman
Punah Samman

Krishna Beura
Bollywood Singer
Punah Samman

Vipin Patwa
Bollywood Composer & Singer

Shoot Concept Note

Punah Samman In our situational song that aims to inspire rape victims we want our Hum Hain Na brigade to simply act out a few hand/ body gestures, which shall be discussed on the spot in discussion with the director, lip syncing a few lines of the song/anthem, a few running shots with HHN brigade in their own routine work at office or home-some footage shots and a dialogue or motivational/inspirational valuable message. This is all we need from our valuable Hum Hain Na team.

Shoot details-

  1. Anthem Duration: 2.5 minutes
  2. Lyrics: Gaurav Tiwari and Vibha Sharma
  3. Composition: Famous Bollywood Composer Vipin Patwa of De de pyaar de and Kaashi fame
  4. Singer: Famous Bollywood filmfare awarded playback and Sufi Singer Krishna Berua of Maula Re (Chak de India) fame.
  5. Direction: Gaurav Tiwari

What we need from our HUM HAIN NA (HHN) BRIGADE-

  • a.   1-Hour of HHN brigadiers at their own office / home premises.
  • b.  Our Team of 4 people will visit and shoot for the anthem and the message.
  • c.  For the Video shoot of the anthem we need a few lines lip synced by as many strong women and men too who shall be part of our HUM HAIN NA brigade.
  • d.  A strong message that will go out to inspire these victims-young or old, rich or poor.

Please fill in these details to help us reach you







We hope you understand that in this valuable campaign on sensitive issue,
We are working on 2 fronts:

1) Bringing the rape victims back to mainstream society from isolation
2) Educating people to support and motivate them to overcome their situation

If you feel this is a valuable project and we must reach out to maximum number of people, please help us reach the masses.
If you know someone who can be a part of this campaign please forward this link to them to help us turn this campaign into a movement.
Its is high time indeed we put a stop to these heinous crimes of rapes.
Time to ACT NOW .

Core Working Team

  • Gaurav Tiwari
  • Vibha Sharma
  • Harbansh Dhir
  • Devansh Beriwala
  • Prachi Sharma
  • Arush Mishra
  • Deepa Tiwari
  • Sharmila Goel